A Trip to Harvey Norman

Item 1: Retro Toasters

I was deeply intrigued by Delonghi’s retro designs, more specifically the toasters as they are shaped in a really dynamically unlike other toasters. The bottom-heaviness, rounded edges, and protruding rims made its proportion look like a retro car. The bold, bright colours also gave it its signature retro look. I was fascinated most by the details in the dials, lever, and buttons. It was appropriate to have a vintage design because the form and functions work together.

Item 2: Nescafe Do Mini Me Coffee Machine

Nescafe’s Do Mini Me looks odd at the first glance, but actually takes advantages of its unique form amongst other coffee machines to stand out. It looks like a tired person that needs coffee — except it makes coffee for tired people! Its form also follow function, which allow for intuitive usage, as the big sphere draws our attention to the interactive elements on the machine while the bend allows for space to put a mug. The usage is also intuitive — a tab to pull the middle section up, and another tab to pull out the drawer to reveal the space for the coffee capsule.

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