The Bauhaus Maggi Mee

My life as a Singaporean was very stale up until university where I start to get exposed to external influences (such as modern artists, Instagram artists, etc) as a result of my studies. It was only after mixing around with an interesting cohort of people and professors that got me seeing the world differently. I feel like I have always been living in a shell, indulging in my own local culture. I therefore created this Bauhaus-inspired art piece, constructed out of circles, squares, and a triangle to reflect on my thoughts on external influences of Singaporeans.

I given the colour blue to the triangle, the coloured red to the circle, and the colour yellow to the square. This is a reference to the action of pouring water into Maggi mee.

The blue triangle represents water, which is external influence that seems invisible to the eye most of the time, but is essential for cooking the maggi mee.

The red circles represents the soup of the Maggi mee, which is only best eaten when mixed with water. It also represents Singapore. Once water is added into the soup, the maggi mee will have the best flavour — not too salty, not too bland. This also shows how it is unhealthy for Singaporeans to stay too indulged in our own bubble.

The yellow squares represents the noodles, which are dark at the edge, light when closer to the middle of the circle. This also represent Singaporeans, and how the noodles are inedible without the addition of water.

The blue triangle draws the eye towards the circle, and the yellow square leads the eye which spirals into the center of the circle. As we go deeper into the circle, the circle gets darker, creating a sense of depth. I also tried to make the composition as minimal, and also avoided any warping or rotating of the shapes so as to keep them true to what they are.

Original Inspiration
Trial 1

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