Interactive II: Concept Development III (By Margaret, Yuqing & Jinyee)

13th March (presentation feedback)

For our first presentation we presented on the idea of using two rooms to represent two individual person and how they would affect each other without realising the other’s presence.  The idea was to get Person A in cocoon A to play with the sound and get person B in cocoon B to play with colour and from this we wanted to glitch cocoon A’s visual with cocoon B audio.

Feedback from the first presentation was despite the idea being interesting, the purpose of the 2 cocoons seem unclear or redundant – What was the need for that and why not just program the audio to be random? Also, if one person is affecting another what was the purpose of splitting them if they  are not going to know that they were affected?

22nd March (consultation)

Therefore, we started to re-thinking about how we could better represent our idea as well as have a more immersive feel by involving participants. Therefore we came up with another presentation (click here) presenting some ideas we thought would represent our concept .

So we finalised the way we wanted to present the idea.

Our idea: was to to show how one person affects another  (interconnectedness) . Therefore we wanted to use the idea of the Ripple to represent the concept of interconnectedness. Metaphorically, the Ripple Effect shows how one action can cause literally a ripple or chain effect, this shows how interconnected we all are.

Therefore we came up with four ideas to explore this:

  1. Speaker balls
  2. Metal tubes (wind chimes)
  3. Lily pad inspiration (lalang)
  4. Woodblocks

During our consultation we presented the above ideas. We were very stuck in our concept development and these are our idea creation process. During the consultation, we were told to evaluate our 4 ideas according to 3 criteria: feasibility, originality and aesthetics.

We were originally leaning towards doing the lily pad ( lalang ) idea. However, it was not that feasible due to the many motors involved and even then, it might not be able create a convincing movement. We were stuck again. We did not want to make something that already existed and we were really very lost with our idea. Our concept was finalised (interconnectedness—> wave—-> ripple effect) and we just had the problem of representing it.

Our plans for the upcoming class on the 27th March

We plan to discuss with LPD:

  1. the blob effect
  2. The possibilities to controlling more than one motor with motion region tracking
  3. We also plan to discuss with him using origami to explore the idea of interconnectedness.

For now we have met a few times and explored the possibilities of creating a large sheet of Origami and that we tested out different types.

Paper folding reference

Different ways of folding we tried 

Reference Video

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