Interactive II – Concept Development II (By Margaret, Yuqing & Jinyee)

For our first test we were attempting to find patches that will aid us in motion tracking as we would like a trail of images to follow the hand movement of visitors. We used the test motion2 patch to play around and realised that not all sensors were detecting the movement. As went through in class, the sound is created from the difference of the frame from the previous frame to the next frame. However, the bottom to sensors were not working. Therefore we decided to try to clear the background to see if we are able to have a clearer vision.

In the next video we used a black board to cover the background and ALL the sensors worked! Hoorah!! From here we were starting to analyse the patch and though that it could be due to a large difference in contrast that created the best sensing. However, we wanted to test out more and then we tried using the a white background and realised that our hands did not work. So then we thought further and realised that:
1. Black background-can sense hand
2. White background- cannot sense hand
3. No background can sense white paper

Trial 1

Conclusion: the sensors are sensing the brightest object in the room and therefore we decided to try It with light as it will be the brightest.

1. Black background-can sense with light
2. White background- can sense with light
3. No background-can sense with light

Next, we will want to add more regions and more sounds to play around with the effecting part of the sensor.

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