Research Critique 2 – i Light Singapore 2019

For the first time ever, I visited the i Light Singapore on the very first day it opened with @bananaleow. Many interesting artworks were on display, nonetheless, 2 interactive artworks stood out to me.


To be honest, when I first saw this artwork, I made a remark to @bananaleow, “This artwork so big, confirm got no interaction!”

To my delight, we found small little joystick stands placed around the area. Visitors get to control the direction, speed as well as the colour within a certain area around the joystick.

The artwork is an ” abstract reflection of the multicultural world we live in”, which I believe reflects the diverse cultures, living in their own way, but harmoniously together, especially as we see in Singapore.

With many joysticks around for people to play with, it not only allows for multiple people to interact with the artwork at the same time. It also allows for a sort of art collaboration between strangers, as different people to control different sections of the installation at the same time. Hence, at any point of the viewing of the installation, we see the “artwork” of many different visitors.

Keys of Light

While climbing the stairs of Fort Canning Park, I was thinking to myself, this installation on top better be worth this climb. And YES, it was worth it, by far my favourite installation of the event.

Placed on Fort Canning Park, we see that there were obviously lesser people as compared to the Marina Bay area. However, with no lesser people around, we really got a chance to interact with the artwork.

An interactive piano installation, visitors get to control the visual outcomes displayed on the tower when they press the keys on the piano. When we usually play the piano, the outcome we get is only sound. So it was interesting that now we get to see a visual outcome of our actions. Hence, I would say that this installation was a multi-sensory experience, engaging with sounds, visuals and touch.


There were many artworks that stood out, however they lacked interactivity. Nonetheless, here are some of the artworks which I really enjoyed even without the interactive element.

The Time Vortex


Why Green?



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