2D II – “Que Sera, Sera – What Will Be, Will Be” Final

My name is 4-01
and I’m a Elephant.

My name is3-1and I’m a Fox.

My name is1
and I’m a Fish.

My name is 2-1and I’m a Monkey.


When I first got the project brief, I was totally lost at what should the next step be. It’s typography, how do I make use of design to create my names/initial? I was stuck at the same concept for almost 2 weeks before I decided to change my entire concept. However, I am glad that I change the idea and come out with what I have now. Along with all the suggestion I received from Joy and my classmates, it really helps me a lot in my design. Exploring how different fonts design and make use of the research to execute it in my final design. The first stage of trying to come out with a design that matches the message was quite challenging for me but thankfully I managed to pull it through with the some helps. The overall process was rocky but I was pleased with the final outcome.

One thought on “2D II – “Que Sera, Sera – What Will Be, Will Be” Final”

  1. I like how you were able to portray the message clearly for each composition!


    The compositions were really interesting as it took me awhile to find the names hidden in it. Though the fox one was obvious, I thought it would be better if the name could be a little more subtle like the rest.


    I also liked the fact that we actually see the message first and then the name when we take a closer look at it.

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