Process – Prototype I

Before diving into it, I want to show the process behind creating the prototype – my ideation. It stems from the story structure I had, a poem that I wrote where I tried connecting the science + spirituality aspect together. I made it flow like how I wanted it to based on the presentation I talked about – ‘Mortals of the Universe’. So below I tried what was said about how “Your poem presents the verbal equivalent of entangled states.”

The poem I wrote:

And below is the storyboard I had in mind. Drew it out as it’s easier for me to visualize my ideas and make it come to life.

Hence following closely to my 1st idea of what a venom-like structure would be, I created almost the same – a liquid simulation + animation through Cinema 4D.

But instead of initially wanting it to look like a venom, I decided to change it up to look more like blood to represent that flowy chunk as a human body, a being.

Below is the artwork I got most of my inspiration from for my 1st part of the motion graphics.

this is the visual sequence idea. I'm not sure what is it.This looks like something"slime" it is a bit disgusting. black liquid from its branches enlarge look we get the details of the theory, it is sticky also could be moved. Graphic sequence design only using black and white to present it is really cool.

Texture, colour and the way it is being animated plays an important part in how I want my bloody being to flow. Hence using C4D was my main go-to to achieve this.

A part of the process:

Seen below is the first few seconds of it. A zoomed out and zoomed in version (I can’t seem to pick which is better yet) (I’ll keep this post updated).

Have a good day ahead!