Lore 3 : Repository – The Great War

The Great War

The Great War is A world war that involved Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, People’s Republic of China, Russian Federation, Republic of Poland, United State of America, Federative Republic of Brazil and Republic of Indonesia. Not all Countries that were involved were directly onslaught of the 7 Nuclear strike. Some major city were also implicated due to the them being major trade ports and by destroying them could implicate the nearby targets, bringing devastation to the continent.

In August 21, 2112 Russia Spy found 46 Tsar Bomba (RDS-220 hydrogen bomb) in the basement of a military general’s apartment in Chongju beside the military base, each Tsar Bomba is equivalent to the explosive power from the simultaneous detonation of 3,800 Hiroshima bombs. Russia sold this piece of information to China and America which they too tried to send spies in there, some of the spy were caught.

two year after Russia got the information, September 21, 2114 North Korea dispatch 7 Tsar Bomba on Karagandy of Kazakhstan,  Brisbane of Australia, Asuncion of Paraguay, Khartoum of Sudan, Xi’an of China, Ulaanbaatar of Mongolia, and West Virginia of America. China, Mongolia and America intercepted the Tsar Bomba and returned fire on North korea which were intercepted. One of the nuclear was deflected and hit Nagoya of Japan, while Austin of Texas in America and Edmonton of Alberta in Canada received a nuclear strike from China in the midst of chaos.

The Great war stopped in 2 Hours and within a week after the Great war, less than half of the world population remained due to the spreading of the nuclear waste which instantly killed most of the unprotected population upon contact radioactive waste.

Repository 097

Repository 097 started building in year 2094 by the Contriver Family who was ordered by the World Government Body due to their technological advancement far surpass the rest of the world, they have the ability to build structure to withstand the deepest depth of the sea and to build transportation which move faster than the speed of sound on land.

The Government in Repository 097 is originally the leaders among the World Government which is –

World Chief Command (Clifford Bronwyn)

World Vice Chief Command (Cameron Mies Kiefer)

World Chief of Justice (Jezebel Racer Thornton)

World Attorney General (Saskia Federica Elspeth)

Africa Command (Adebowale Akachi)

Americas Command (Harley Raleigh)

Asia Command (Minoru Osamu)

Northern Command (Pawelek Jakub Tereska)

Southern Command (Christopher Joseph Benjamin)

European Command (Alexandra Victoria)

Strategic Command (Chang Jing sheng)

During the Great war, Northern Command(Pawelek Jakub Tereska), Southern Command (Christopher Joseph Benjamin), European Command (Alexandra Victoria) and Strategic Command (Chang Jing sheng) was not present in R097 and went missing after the great war and new World Governor replacement were elected within R097. Stepping out from the Election was Aamaasi Lípíka as Northern Command, Majbritt Tîánguaĸ as Southern Command, Trevor Lennon Grant as European Command and Tempest Delevingne as Strategic Command.

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