Reflection & 2D Sketch Analysis of my 3D boxes


So in our 1st 3D lesson, we learnt about the “rule of thirds” and applied it while attaching our boxes.

HAHA i look like i had fun doing it but it was actually quite tough figuring out which sizes of boxes to stick together and taking note of their thickness just to ensure that in all sides the “D, SD, and SO” stays the same in the figure. Considering the void and line-of-symmetry too. WELP, at least I tried. I was given the word ‘Counter-balance’ and here’s my sketch of the boxes i attached together after the 1st lesson.

Yes I agree, it is abit sketchy and it isn’t well thought through. This is also because i was unsure what counter-balance really meant and how to really visualize it in boxes (even though i did try to research on internet to help me out abit, didn’t really work).

BUT after the 2nd lesson which was just this week, I learnt a few more critical things to take note of when putting these boxes together.

I learnt about the Gestalt Principle where the whole is > than it’s parts, we have to try not to align the boxes together, and that we should at least aim for 4/6 right views in portraying the D, SD, SO as mentioned before. (I also learnt about the 3 ways of joining boxes such as wedging butttt we’ll get further more into that later)

So here is the aftermath of going through it during lesson about my topic and recreating my figure of boxes.




In Structure 1, the Bottom View is slightly bigger than the one you see in picture, but that’s because in real life when I physically hold it up, the SD box can be also seen to be smaller than the D box hence the difference in scale.

I learnt quite alot by the 2nd lesson and I’m still learning and I think that’s the best part, especially after making mistakes first time round because you learn more. I’m still trying to keep in mind about the 4/6 D, SD, SO views  in every angle because that is quite hard to maintain when creating since we are used to focusing on one view haha and hence the importance in choosing our boxes. 🙂

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