VC4: Project 1- Hello World_Portfolio Package (FINAL)



One of the many things I have learnt through consultations and experimenting with my mock-ups was that
If I were to do any pop-up mechanisms, it should be a highlight. The book is a tool and story about myself as a designer. Any embellishments should be a highlight and complements the portfolio, and not distract and take away the main point, which is to show that I am an illustrator that goes beyond pages.

The quote ‘Less is more.’ became a reoccurring mantra during my experimentation as I was a little too caught up with making the design fun, and missed out how my executions could make me lose the essence of my portfolio. The portfolio forest book is the internal mind that I want to showcase and bring the readers on an adventure.

Reflecting upon my final presentation work, it would have been better and so much clearer if my portfolio package was bigger ( instead of 13cm x 13cm) had more extensions so I have more space to show more close-ups and talk about my works. This is a project I would revisit again to improve on the output. 🙂


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