VC4: Project 2- You’re Not Alone (FINAL)

‘You’re Not Alone’ Project

I want to let other people know that they are not alone in facing mental health issues in University and it is very common because everyone has different threshold to managing stress and ways of coping. And sometimes when things get rough, we forget to take care of ourselves and are too hard up on ourselves. I want the deliverable to help University students manage and alleviate their stress levels by providing resources through design to manage their mental health in their own time.

Deliverable Zine, Mindfulness coloring page, Encouragement cards, Key chain


  • To show the categorisation of content, I used colours and motifs. Using the colour Pink as the colour of negative energy, and Yellow as the colour of resolution and hope. I depicted the stories of despair shared by the target audiences, and the big yarn ball that rolls through the stories in pink. And depicted the words of encouragement reaching out towards these stories, and the ending spread with helplines and advice in yellow.

To see the process behind this project, CLICK HERE.

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