Transforming the banner designs to a horizontal composition was pretty fun as well, as all the while we were working on a vertical canvas instead of a horizontal one.

The horizontal design was to be displayed at the media wall at North Spine, and to my surprise, it turned out really nicely as the colors I chose were neon bright. In addition, I increased the saturation and brightness. When it was on the wall, the designs shone extremely bright!! I am very pleased!

The day has finally arrived!! The banners are up for display in the lobby of ADM. It just so happens that day is our school’s Halloween celebration, hence the theme of supernatural is very apt for the event! 🙂

On the day of printing, my partner Charlotte and I went to the VisCom lab for the printing of the banners assisted by KB!

Printing our banners!

Charlotte and I helping each other cut our banners ! More hands make light work! 🙂

Using the test print to decide the order of the banners in the lobby! How cute, its like a mini exhibition!

Vanessa’s sea banner is next to mine!

My table friends and Miss Ina!

Now, on to the design for the Media Wall and Swatch books!! 🙂

Until next time!

After reviewing the very constructive and helpful feedbacks given by my classmates and Miss Ina, I made several changes!smile

I took the advice to play with opacity and I drew extra motifs: Lotus Petals. I imagined falling petals with he floating babies would be really dreamy.

Hence I placed all my bloomed lotuses at the top, and the petals falling from there. This creates visual direction as well from top to bottom, where all the fallen petals gather at the bottom.

And then I added more existing motifs and varied the background to evoke different mood.

After consulting with Miss Ina, she asked me to try another composition where the babies are buried in lotus petals!

And it was indeed a very different feeling as compared to the floating babies composition, and I added other existing motifs to see what else works best!

I can’t help but think of the film American Beauty upon looking at the babies buried in lotus petals haha!

Furthermore, I added an overlay of the babies behind the existing ones as suggested to create greater depth to the background that works best, preparing them for test print with varying brightness, contrast and saturation!

To be honest, the comments given were really helpful because I was really stuck for a long time and the comments really helped to give me a new direction to approach my banner. THANK YOU. 🙂