2D Foundation II ‘HELLO MY NAME IS___”


Semester 2 of Year 1 has finally started! Woo Hoo~ assignments~ *nervous chuckle*

For this week 1 Assessment, Joy told us to create nametags for ourselves in our sketchbook during lesson time. We are told to describe three aspects of ourselves, while portraying the qualities of our personality! 😀

scan1) The first name card I did, I was intrigued by the meaning of each Chinese character my dad picked out for my name. And I decided to search for the meaning of individual characters, to create a new definition of my name when the literal meaning of my name is put together as a whole.

And what did I get? : ” An abundant chestnut who lives in leisure while escaping. (perhaps from reality)”.

2) I broke down the individual Chinese characters into recognizable signs in the Chinese word and place them together as well. In addition, when people ask me,

“How do you write your Chinese name?”

I would reply in Mandarin,

” A Rabbit sits on a Boat for ‘Yi’, and then a Grass on the top and Soil in the middle for ‘Ling’…”

And that is how people would have known how to write my Chinese name. But, typing it out here looks rather ridiculous as compared to verbalizing it during conversations I’ve realized…

3) I see myself as a child like youth who is still extremely naïve for my age. Hence, I used the template kids used to write on to learn to write their names to illustrate the child in me.

4) I am a rather timid and introverted person. Hence I wrote my name really small in the corner of the card. This is to show that I my personality is rather shy and don’t really want to stand out in the crowd because I feel more comfortable in the corner. 🙂

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