Material Cookbook || Chapter 9: Knitting

Materials for Knitting List:

  • Yarn/String/thread/Any string like material
  • Knitting/Crocheting needles
  • Counter hooks

Instruction for Knitting:

uh…. pattern wise it is easier to google.


In order to make a ‘Right side’ and a ‘Wrong side’ we have to skip and row, one side loops from the left and the other loops from the right. when the v shaped knit is facing outwards from you when knitting you should be knitting the ‘right side’ technique.

If your project is big, remember to buy hooks to mark your rows.

Knitting is a very time consuming technique despite being very calming and therapeutic.

Also there are a lot of patterns to explore that i have not tried yet, and should look into it soon.


In class Examples:


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