3D Pandora – Final ‘Counter-Balance’ Structure

I already posted my process to getting to this. This is my final ‘Counter-balance’ structure.

The all-sides view of the structure and showing that at least 4/6 of it went right.


The reason why I wanted to use a metal rod for the SO was because metal can easily be the backbone of alot of things. And the material of this metal is specifically aluminium as it is known for not rusting or corroding easily. Hence if it touches water, it won’t rust. IN ALL HONESTY, this was hard to create to balance it well. I had to get the right measurements for everything. I thought of making it into a floating building, or a hardy bar soap dispenser. undecided

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  1. Qistina please bring your Final Model to show me next week. Also do include images of your 2 applications showing your model from different viewpoints.

    Btw, I haven’t been able to view your earlier posts because I needed a password to view them…

    Heard you injured your hand? Hope it’s better now.

    1. Hi ma’am, yeah my apologies for the password thingy i actually completed everything but forgot to change it to “public” after i was done (this was before lesson day). So sorry about that. And alright noted! Um but what do you mean by my 2 applications? Yeah i scalded my fingers by accident when doing art hahaha doc said it will take a while to heal, but it’s getting better now thanks for asking ma’am 🙂 i will pass you the mc by the next lesson.

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