Gaia’s Ikebana (I) – exploration

WOW new stuff.

I missed out on the previous lesson where the class was told to explore circular cuttings to get spheres, cylinders, and cones. So that’s one thing I learned from my friends when I caught up with some of what I was missing out. And I panicked. Because foaming curvilinear volumes??? (When it took me so long to even get my cuboids right in the first place)

Apparently we are using the same method, just on curvilinear volumes this time. So we have to input the same method of D, SD, SO and y-axis to x-axis. But this time, it can’t be perpendicular and instead diagonally. Of course, there’s more I have yet to learn on this because I was slightly confused at first, but I think I got a slight jist of it now. (will consult on this soon!)

YAY with the help of my kind friends, I learnt how to sculpt cylinders and cones using foam!


If I have a favourite CUPCAKE, this is what it will look like:

D: sphere            SD: cone         SO: tiny cylinder


My ‘Sam’ satellite. Orrr mini speakers.

D: cone       SD: thin cylinder      SO: short but thick cylinder


Only after this whole post I realised my 1st structure was off – my D and SD looks the saaaameee, the same kind of volume 🙁 I think I should have cut the cone to be a little smaller but bigger than the SO. Or I could turn my sphere to the smallest size so it can act as the SO instead and my tiny cylinder can be my SD. (I still have yet to learn to sculpt a sphere hmm)

Then I also realised in my 2nd structure, the cone lying on my small cylinder creates a right-angle, making it perpendicular? It shouldn’t be perpendicular. Maybe I could have just cut the bottom of the cone a little bit so it doesn’t touch the ground and still stick at about 1/3 of it’s height.

Ahh I still have so much more to learn and figure out, because what about the radius too? I’m pretty sure I have to take note of that next time. I’ll be sure to clarify more tomorrow during lesson.

[Will leave this space to add on for improvements based on the above structures after consulting]



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