Week 5: Feedback

From the in-class presentation last week, these are takeaways for us to work further and improve:

  1. We realised that our core message of the concept actually focused on the mixing and growth of the students within NTU — which explains why we wanted to work on the idea of the magnet repelling the spherical metal balls (visually represented by students of NTU) to allow the balls to move as a cluster around the map.
  2. That being said,  to further simplify our idea, we will represent the students and buildings of NTU into 3-dimensional shapes: spherical metal balls and rectangular solid respectively.
  3. With the chosen materials to be magnets, we will have to research on the different types of magnets. Neodymium magnets? Will it be raw or skinned?
  4. What are the mechanics of our project? How does it work?

With regards to #4, we were thinking of using solar panel to power the entire project.Input: Button of the different name of areas of the school

Output: Circuit is closed with the user’s touch –> magnets activated and repel the metal balls to move in all direction towards the chosen building that was selected.

5. What are the ways to attract to get the students to come and interact with the project? Look into how museum curators place the projects etc.


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