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POV: Inside my Journal


Well, this project did not really consist much of hard-copy journal progress for me because I used the scanner and digital work. But these are the scanned images of my journal on the research part of the project, mostly artists and their works found on Pinterest!


POV: Digital Collage WIP

There was a first collage trial, there’s always a second. The collage was not completely done as I just put it all together without editing as much.

Collage 1-Recovered
(Caption was not decided)

Well, at this stage, I have not come up with a solid idea of how the collage will be. I think I didn’t even include the synecdoche into the collage. All I thought of was to use whatever resources or elements I have at home, scan them and collage them. Yes, you got it right. I scanned my Nike shoe.

After consultation, the Nike shoe will be the constant object in this POV project. We looked at consumerism, sweatshops in Nike and child labour. The collages are arranged following the rule of thirds, showing how much or little impact it has on the POV. So, these are first drafts of the collage with the possible POVs:

Nike 1_covered low
“A Nike shoe from the point of view of shelf life is not forever.” (I might have to rethink about this caption)

Concept: using crumpled paper, representing trash. Nike shoe is surrounded with crumpled papers, slightly covered. From here you can see the message that I am trying to bring forward: that even nice branded shoes will not last forever because if you constantly put them on, it’ll eventually get worn out and the last place it’ll be in is the trash bin.

Nike 2-1-2
“A Nike shoe from the point of view of foreign currency is profit.”

Concept: foreign currencies representing the different countries that one can buy Nike shoes from. We know that when you buy overseas, it is just easy money for them.

Nike 3_1_covered low
Caption not really decided, but it’s similar to the crumpled paper.

Concept: Similar to the crumpled paper as mentioned, the concept of not lasting forever. Because leaves dry up and they end up in the trash bin as well.

Nike 4.1_low
“A Nike shoe from the point of view of child labour is underpaid.”

Concept: I used coins to represent low wages as research stated that the workers are underpaid for the work they do for long hours.

Nike 6-3-1
“A Nike shoe from the point of view of a parent is unpaid bills”

Concept: bills showing the consequences of a parent who keeps on buying for their child nonstop Nike shoes.

“A Nike shoe from the point of view of an athlete is good performance.”

Concept: Putting aside the negative side of Nike shoe, it also brings positive results into athlete’s world. And the result is good performance which is represented by the medals.

Nike 7-2
“A Nike shoe from the point of view of child labour is lost childhood”.

Concept: the consequences of child labour is a lost childhood, which is represented by toys at the last thirds of the whole canvas.

Of course, these are drafts, I still have to do some tweaking on the brightness and put together better captions.

POV: Collage Trial

So with all the little by little research, I tried to do my own collage using brochures. ┬áThat was the initial idea so I randomly teared brochures and tried to put my idea from what i imagined to paper…. But it didn’t turn out the way I wanted to.

Collage Trial (1)_1

  1. I wanted to play with negative spaces that’s why you see an empty spot in the collage — the water (blue brochures) and the land (creamy brochures) are the positive spaces.
  2. The collage was suppose to read: A shoe from the point of view of shoelace is a bait.

How is it a shoe is a bait? Why from the point of view of shoelace?

Let’s imagine (because the collage is incomplete):

Whenever you hold untied shoelaces on one side, the shoe tilts, or can be seen as hanging. From there I wanted the shoelace to represent a fishing line, and the shoe as the bait. What is left is the “fish” that will “eat” the “bait” (which is also missing in the collage). I wanted to collage the brochures into a hand reaching out towards the shoe from the bottom corner of the page, which will be represented as the fish.