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Zine: WIP

Consultation was fruitful because ideas came in after some thought with the suggestions from Prof Ina. We looked through a zine/book/publication(?) as an example. Because my works are in black and white, Prof Ina suggested out of the many greyscale/b&w pages, there is at least 1 page coloured, as the centre page for example.

Something that Prof Ina mentioned during consultation made me think more of the layout and arrangements of the pages.

Here are some WIP images:

process 1
See the coloured among the b/w?

process 2

Of course I thought of the different ways my masterpieces can be placed within a page.. But i love how it occupies the entire page on its own. I thought of leaving borders too…… But not at the moment.

Again, it is still a work in progress state!

Just a little something, I came across this layout plan while researching more for zine. The moment I saw it, I started to question myself again about the layout of the texts etc.

Taken from:
Taken from: