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Process: Final editing of pattern

Follow up from the first testing on Media Wall, we had another testing as well as photoshoot for our poster.

img_2215 img_8209_1

After reviewing, another round of editing had to be done to make the piece look better, and not too clashing.

Below are the updated and final version of the still images of Mutation, follow up from the previous posts.


  1. A subtle background included to create texture, using one of the cells obtained during my visit to EMB for research.


2. The patterns are edited to be more spherical or rounder compared to the previous ones which are more elliptical.


3. The size of the virus(es) are bigger to break the red.


4. The colour scheme for the virus(es) were chosen for contrast. The tone for the yellow used for the bigger virus is reduced so that it doesn’t clash with the red as red is supposed to be the center of attraction.

Test on Media Wall

Here are the images captured during the still image test on the media wall:




With the test, I managed to see the scale and proportion of the still images. However, with the white gap between the top panel and the background, there is a need to increase the size slightly more than the size of the panel itself.

Additionally, the background looked rather flat and plain thus I thought of adding texture. Probably will make use of the slideshows I have collected during the visit to the Medicine Lab.