Another round of trials

I always have these ideas at the back of my mind when I have some “me time”, so I decided to have another session of self monoprinting at my balcony.

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So I decided to try several techniques, as attached in the set of pictures above:

  • Top set contains the techniques of Decalcomania
  • Middle set contains mixture of inspired Jackson Pollock splattering of paint technique, standard monoprint, and the dripping of paint/ink technique.
  • Last set contains inspired Mehndi or Henna art (4th and 5th from the left), inspired Art Attack technique of painting over dried glue (first 3 from left) but it failed when the glue flattens as it dries up, and, technique somewhat similar to Sand Painting except the minus off the glue and the sand and replacing it with just baby powder.

*Just some reflections*

I had this thought to myself whereby I feel that most of the time when I do these monoprints and automatism techniques, my mind would be completely blank. Sometimes during the monoprint sessions, I would just loose myself into whatever I was doing, using whatever resources and not actually thinking what I want to achieve in the printing. For example, putting this and that on the mat. Or when trying out the Rorschach tests, I don’t try to draw anything in particular, I just spam inks here and there and that’s what I get.

On the other hand, while trying out the Jackson Pollock technique, I was splattering the ink while I was feeling rather upset, and as I splat more inks, the emotions followed and I actually felt better when I was done.

Definitely so, art is therapeutic!

Another quick video before you leave!

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