Process: Experimental Medicine Building

Recently, I head down to the Experimental Medicine Building, to use the resources that they have on human microscopic anatomy/structure.

First foremost, I was taught the fundamentals of using a microscope, and lastly the choosing of whichever samples that I would like to view on.

I was spoilt for choices with the many samples, however the technician was of great help. He sat beside my work desk and assisted me — he even play trial and error to view the different samples to get the pattern that I was looking for in our human anatomy.

I selected a few of the samples, and did a screenshot of what I studied:

Mammal Cerebellum

Human Spinal Cord

Human Scalp

Mammal Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands

Mammal Kidney

Human Lung

Human Skin, Non-pigmented

Mammal Artery and Vein

Human Skeletal Muscle

Mammal Compact Bone

Mammal Ovarian Follicles

Human Ovary, active phase

Human Tongue

Mammal Esophagus

Human Stratified Columnar Epithelium

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